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Hope is the spring of all seasons within you. Hope is not just a fleeting moment or a temporary feeling that “things will get better”. It’s a foundation for a lifestyle that reflects everything you do and everything you are. You can use hope to help motivate you to think positively and be proactive by making the most of every situation.

Indeed, it’s the faith that with love and determination, you can overcome whatever challenges you face. Hopeful people believe that everything in life is meaningful. When bad things happen (and don’t they) instead of feeling like a victim, a hopeful attitude can accept what occurred with resilience and patience. They often know that good things emerge from pain. Remember, this is different from blind optimism. Hope is practical and pragmatic and it guides one to make the best, most effective choices.

Here are some ways I create a hopeful attitude:

  1. Be intentional – overcoming fear is essential to developing a hopeful mindset.

  2. Reflect and Appreciate – reflect on what you are grateful for.

  3. Reach out and help others – be of service and do something good for someone else.

  4. Set Goals – goals help you focus on the positive outcomes you are working towards.

  5. Visualize Success – create a mental image of all the different paths you can explore to achieve your goals. Write them down, create a vision board, etc.

The science says: Hope affects your brain, decreases anxiety and depression, is good for your physical health, and improves your self-esteem.

Actors, HOPE is embracing your authentic self, to look within and find your dreams.

– Ms. Natalia

CEO Instructor

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