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“MENTORING Matter’s”

Thank you for showing an interest in our program at NL Acting Studio.
When we train as artists, we all need guidance. Attaining artistry is not a linear path. It’s rarely obvious what the next step should be. Everyone carves out their own unique journey and seeking out a mentor along the way is sometimes a part of that process and a celebrated step of wisdom.
Our program is a once a week 40/mins Zoom call (ONE ON ONE) each week – $50 only. Mentors are an invaluable resource, and are a critical asset to the success of our creative community.
As part of the program, you get preparation and topics of your choice every week between: DISCUSSION, MOTIVATION or INSPIRATION. These are the building blocks of the collaborative efforts, GOALS, trust and support received through our mentorship.
A helpful example of the questions we review are as follows:
*What have you overcome this week?
*What have you faced that was a challenge this week?
*What have you discovered new this week?
*What have you recognized as a win this week?
Contact us directly if interested in participating – we’d love to offer you the support and accountability that’s so necessary as artists.
“Mentoring should be a fulfilling relationship between somebody with more experience and somebody with less with the goal of helping both individuals become elevated versions of themselves” Janice Omadeke (dare to lead)
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