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Honesty & Authenticity….

‘Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty’.

The state of being whole, entire, and authentic. To lead with kindness and transparency with respect…’

It’s your career- it doesn’t get more personal than that! Remind yourself, actors, that as you are maturing in your craft you are also maturing in your industry relationships. What does this mean? It means that it’s not always going to be an easy ride. Growth hurts, right? But, as we know such gifts of wisdom and self-awareness come only from this. Never settle with whom you want & need on your “team” but don’t make rash ‘ harsh’ decisions either. Be patient. Ask the questions. Don’t settle for a thousand, convenient reasons. Seek out those you know you desire to help guide you and invest in you like you deserve. Build that resilient muscle with hope as its companion- that build comes from disappointment, knocks, and brushes with scratches along the way. Remember, there’s no room for bitterness or resentment as these will dull your authentic light.

Keep going, keep the faith, and be brave and vulnerable because only good things come from that!

~Ms. Natalia

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