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“Winter, 2021 A natural cycle of saying goodbye to the year and preparing for the new. So, let me share a few words on what I’ve discovered this past year:

When you feel far away from where you want to be and the pressure of getting it right consumes you, remember that life was never made for “perfect humans”. It’s made for those with persistent hearts and for the ones who continuously show up even when the outcome is uncertain. Life isn’t about having all the right answers, it’s about finding purpose in the process. It’s about giving yourself grace in moments of growth.

On the days when you find yourself chasing perfection, learn to pursue progress instead. You’re free to move ahead right where you’re standing. The smallest step forward will always get you further than waiting in your fears and doubts.

As you lean into progress remember to show yourself kindness and grace along the way. You’re still on a journey and cannot compare how far you’ve been with the roads you’ve yet to travel. You can move at a pace that is challenging but not overwhelming. You can find hints of light before things fall into place. Nothing has to be perfect in order to be enough. Keep showing up with conviction and let yourself be a perfect work in progress, my Creative.

Vulnerability is defined as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. Can you name one act of courage that you have been involved with or witnessed that didn’t involve RISK, UNCERTAINTY, AND EXPOSURE?

Actors are the bravest, courageous, and resilient humans.

– Natalia OXO

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