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“Witnessing greatness does not make you great. Only by ‘experiencing’ greatness can you truly have your own barometer for it. At the end of the day, real talent is real, funny is funny, great is great and the rest sorts itself out!

In my own career, no matter what I do I always have my “Suzanna Leigh barometer”. As an actress and entrepreneurial spirit, she would inhabit the created world so completely that decisions were inevitable. Mummy was a general leading you into battle and I was more than happy to be a good soldier and follow her lead by example. I wanted to be part of something larger than myself, which is part of what greatness embodies.

Seek out those you identify as possessing greatness and don’t worry about their feet of clay. They are human, after all, so don’t expect perfection. Attend their seminars, go see their movies, go to their plays, listen to their music, study their paintings, and daydream about their poetic writings. Find a way to work with them. However, use their greatness to find your own, rather than just mimicking who they are.

Get as close to that flame as you possibly can.

It will make you better at everything you do.”

~Natalia XOX

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