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Has anyone told you how well you’ve done? How strong you’ve been? Because it’s true.

Under circumstances you could never have foreseen or prepared for, you have coped. Coping is an underrated word. It means that you’ve handled, you’ve endured, you’ve made it through.

In situations like this, coping is not just enough, it’s entirely commendable. You have coped and what’s more, you have helped others cope. And even when you felt like you couldn’t cope anymore, you did.

And for that, you should be proud. Very proud.

Whatever else you feel you should have achieved over the last year, is not important. Not compared to the fact that you’re still here. Each new day brings new opportunities. New chances to try again. New experiences to make lasting memories. New ways to grow into the best version of yourself.

Well done. You’ve made it through a hard time, and you are continuing to do so. Fight on, warriors.

~ Natalia XOX

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