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My experience at the NL Acting Studio has been nothing short of wonderful. Literally full of wonder. As an actor, I came in obsessed with words and trying to act as if I’m acting instead of simply living out a real moment. I’ve learned that life is messy and in real life we say things we mean and things we don’t mean. We say things that make no sense but we try to make sense of them.

Ms. Natalia cares. And it shows. In tune with building my acting skills, I’m learning life tools that enrich my life. The only Method Acting studio in Orlando. Method, I’ve learned, isn’t this scary thing that the media likes to make it out to be. It’s simply recreating life as it happens. Being present, being open to change.

Recently I signed with one of the best agencies in Orlando and I truly wouldn’t be here without Ms. Natalia and what I’ve learned at the studio. This journey has been a gift to me both creatively and life wise and I’m looking forward to continuing on it knowing I’m surrounded by people who care.

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