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“To be an actor means to train. It means that one must strive to work hard every day to develop and refine those skills that will help your talent come across and shine in front of a casting director. Training is paramount in one’s career and so too is the person who trains you. An acting coach needs to have knowledge of the craft and have passion for it, but above all, an acting coach must have a genuine desire to see his/her students succeed. This is what you will find at NL Acting Studio.

The opportunity to train with Natalia Leigh has changed my perception of what it means to be an artist. She helps you discover the confidence necessary to trust your instincts while teaching you techniques and skills imperative for great performances. In Natalia, you will find a caring, knowledgeable, talented, empathetic, and professional instructor/mentor who will guide you not just to be a good actor, but to be a great one.”

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